Thursday, November 21, 2013

Setting Forth

Dearest Randy,

We send you off to college for an exciting new chapter in your life. We wouldn't be the brothers we should be without sending you off without a gift. So here is an ongoing gift we want to share with you. We wanted to create a series of posts to help you through your college years to survive the college experience as cheap as possible and as lively as possible. We honestly hope you have alot of fun, but also want to make sure you don't rack up 50K in college loans by the time you graduate. So to start here are a few tips:

1. Get a pair of hair clippers and learn how to cut your hair
2. Get a bike, since you left your old 10 speed in the garage
3. Don't sign up for a credit card just yet, we need to have "The Talk" before you do that!

I hope you are as thrilled as we are to create this for you and Write when you can!

Love from your Bro's Back Home

P.s. Don't forget to hit up all those welcome events for free food and meeting that special someone!

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